The Immediate Now

A friend of mine used to work for an elderly woman who lived on New York’s upper east side. She was from a family that had money and had a staff of servants including a maid named Mavis. My friend told me that whenever the woman wanted Mavis to do anything the request always ended “Immediately Mavis…”
That has become a family joke and I think of that when I watch my children interact with today’s media. Everything is available almost instantly in what I like to think of as the “immediate generation”. Now I am not the most patient person in the world- in fact I think waiting is a virtue and patience is a miracle but I understand that things take time. What will happen when this generation comes of age and begins to be confronted with a waiting game? Will they know how to handle it? And what about the lack of constant input, are we training a generation that will not be able to deal with the still silence of the soul or will they run from it to the immediate now of constant distraction.