Where is Oscar Goldman when we need him!

One of the things I love about the BBC is that their web site has a Future section that focuses on new technology and what is on the horizon. While browsing the other day I came across an article about a new card reading technology that allowed card holders access to the Tube by waving the card over a reader. The author took his card apart to find the radio frequency identification (RFID) chip located inside and removed it with the hopes of implanting it in his hand so that he could enter the Tube with just a wave of his hand. It seems that this is a growing movement of people who are looking to meld their bodies with technology, Transhumanism. Have we outgrown evolution or do we need to take things in our own hands and begin to merge our bodies with computers. Maybe the six million dollar man is not so far in the future.
Read the article Why I want a microchip implant here


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