Does the pen still write and having writ move on across the screen of time?

It is with a certain sense of frustration that I see my eleven year old sons writing. It’s still a crude form of printing and when I ask him if he ever writes cursive. I am astounded by his reply, “no never”. For me it seemed that in school we spent hours working on having good handwriting and that we would be judged on our handwriting in notes and letters. It is hard for me to believe that the times have changed so much but then I was astounded to see an article in the BBC online about the possible end of the need for a live signature. It seems that the United States is trailing the world in the move to electronic signatures and that for much of the world the signature is something of a dinosaur. Yet with this change are we loosing a bit of ourselves of what makes us, us- or is it time for us to take a new look at what is to exist in this digital world? Does the change in technology and how we relate to each other make us different as people?


Here is the BBC article, http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-27311868


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