Technology is a virus from outerspace

While I first heard the term sung by Lori Anderson, the quote-”language is a virus from outer space” originated with William Burroughs . It seems that today one could also say the same thing about technology. It seems to have inserted itself in our lives and convinced us of the need to keep feeding this beautiful thing that consumes more and more of our time and our consciousnesses. A recent 2011 article in Quinnipiac Magazine, author Jamie A. Kloss, describes the panic that she felt at the beginning of her experiment in digital isolation. A virus can only live by replicating itself in a living host and our technology virus seems only to live as long as we feed and nurture it. Perhaps there will come a day when the virus no longer needs us to live or has found a way to replicate itself with out us. Imagine the heartbroken person clinging to the phone that no longer needs to speak to us.

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