Hero of a thousand faces

At our house when we have a standing answer to questions that my son and daughter ask that I cannot answer. We simply decide we will have to “ask Google” as if Google is someone who will be sitting in his or her usual place at the dinner table. It got me thinking about my disastrous attempt to learn German; and how some things were masculine and some were feminine. It made me wonder- is the internet a man or woman. Scott McCloud in his excellent book “Understanding Comics” does a great job of illustrating our need to see someone in anything- how we need to project a human face on something non-human. If we had to give the internet a face, what would it look like? Would it be man or woman or would we need a pantheon of cyber gods like the ancient Greeks? Perhaps something like a Thomas Nast Santa Clause, kindly Norman Rockwell doctor or perhaps like Shiva, the destroyer of worlds….

shiva75 (1)


One thought on “Hero of a thousand faces

  1. This is an interesting question. There is a Patron Saint of Television. Why not a Patron Saint of Google? (There is a blog with that name on Blogger).

    And I love Scott McCloud. His discussion of comics applies to all of the arts in general.

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