Emotional Words

I have been helping my son with his Science fair project for a few days now. He is recreating the work of Masaru Emoto  a Japanese author, international researcher and entrepreneur, who claimed that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. While his work is fascinating I wont go into it here but basically he believes and proves in his work is that our intentions have a physical effect on the objects that receive the message that is sent. Angry words can retard the growth of plants while positive and loving words can make them grow even faster than a control plant. It seems that the message is more than just a message and that the meaning is carried in more than the words. This got me thinking about our new media- and if our correspondence caries any emotional intent that we put in as we type. Perhaps our emotional message is carried forward in every media that we use, speech, writhing or electronic text. Perhaps we need to think about more than just what we type before we push the send button.




One thought on “Emotional Words

  1. Lots of great thought here. Love to hear and read more. One has to understand the WEIGHT and FREIGHT of a user’s word in the context of his/her lexicon. Bottom line:when writing, the connection to one’s anticipated audience is all about how that word lands. The connection between sender and addressee is everything.

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