More Emotional Words

I have been pleasantly surprised by the response to last week’s post about the possible emotional content of our posts- that not only could our posts carry the words that we write but the emotions that we put into what we write. It got me to thinking about the namesake of this blog and how he saw media as an extension of the body. That each new technology extends our senses and nerves and in the largest sense our being. If our texts and our e-mails convey our emotional content, is it possible that electronic communication could take the place of our speech conversation? That we could communicate our emotions without speaking- possibly by only looking at our avatar-, do we really need to have face-to-face communications? Is it possible that our electronic communications would actually replace our human communications? Perhaps we could fully integrate ourselves into computers with no serious lapse of ability to communicate or recognize if we are talking to a person or a computer. If you have called a customer service line, you might have found that we are already approaching that reality of complete computer communication integration.



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