Let the Midnight Special shine a ever loving light on me

Recently, my wife mentioned how almost everything seemed to be “on demand”. Drones to bring books or small packages immediately after we order them, movies and tv respond to our whims appearing and disappearing like doves at a magic show. While this is an irrefutable aspect of our ongoing technology it made us wonder, have we killed the idea of something being special. We both come from a generation that remembers counting down the days till “The Wizard of Oz” would make its yearly appearance on TV, gathering in a darkened living room huddled around the popcorn and the glow of the cathode ray tube because this was an event that would only happen once a year. It was special Miss it and you were out for another year.
It makes me wonder with everything on demand is there anything we still wait for? Is there any value in waiting or anything worth waiting for? Do we know what it is to be patient in a world where a half an hour for a pizza may be too long to wait or has everything become on demand where nothing is worth waiting for ?




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