On Demand Reality

While reading Esther M. Sternberg’s excellent book, “Healing Spaces: The Science of Place and Well-Being” I was taken by an argument that our ability to see colours has developed out of evolutionary necessity- as herbivores we needed to see the green leaves as food but as we developed our palate we also needed to be aware of colour to distinguish a ripe red fruit from one that was either not yet ripe or possibly rotten. Our ability to see colours came into play when we needed them or as the Buddhist saying goes, .
I think of this in all the ballyhoo over the apple watch and all the other new technology that is in the wings and while I wonder if it is truly necessary or even important I find some solace in the hope that we will find what we need as we truly need it. Perhaps everything, technology included, is evolving just as it needs to and when we really need the next app or service, it will be there. Perhaps this is the ushering in of the on demand reality, with everything at the touch of a button.



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