Why I love Google

I have to come clean at the start. I love Google. Yes, I use the search engine and think its great but that isn’t the real reason for my devotion. I love Google because they have a commitment to a optimistic future. Larry Page and Sergey Brin are willing to invest in projects that may or may not come to any financial fruition- what can be called a forward focus. In a world where the news is constantly telling us how bleak the future is I find this optimism to be a breath of fresh air. If it is true that we find what we look for then why not look for a bright future where the new technology has the ability to change our life in a positive way? So what if Google Glass may not have been a success or the chorus of disdain for the driver-less car drowns out the fact that- both things are really pretty cool. What if they don’t work out – what about what we learn by our willingness to make mistakes and to take chances.
When asked about his failings, Thomas Edison replied, “I have not failed. I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. One of the many offshoots of the space program was Teflon- While that wasn’t what we were looking for it was something found along the way. We were willing to tolerate and accept mistakes as a cost of success. We were willing to take risks on what seemed absurd to discover something beyond our wildest imagination. The fact that Google’s willingness to fail is seen as an oddity makes me fear a future where we take no great risks for fear of failure.



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