Coming full circle

My friend Mardi Ellen Hill recently shared an article about Google outfitting Carnegie Mellon with technology to create a living web or a complete internet of things. A brilliant idea and a fascinating concept – the internet of things that all things will be an electronic nervous system allowing us to interact with everything in our network from anywhere in the network. One could say bringing life to a once lifeless or disconnected landscape. This reminded me of one of the earliest films made by one of the great minds of the last great age of technology, Thomas Edison. Edison too was interested in the story of bringing together different elements, here in the Frankenstein story, body parts and making them one. Perhaps that is the age old dream, all the way back to Plato and the Symposium. In Aristophanes’ speech in the Symposium he puts forth a creation myth that people were once joined, both male and female into one being but were separated through intrigues and are chopped in half by Zeus, leaving them a separate male and female, left to spent the rest of their lives, each looking for their opposite and completing half.
We seem to have come full circle in our pursuit to bring oneness to our environment, to make our entire world one and yet we still stand quivering at the prospect of finding completeness in ourselves.



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