the Death of Optimisim

My kids were watching the Matrix the other night and it made me realize how good the effects and the ideas are behind the movie are. Of course the whole “Allegory of the Cave” idea where we are only living in a shadow land of what is real has been around since, well, Plato, it still has a real resonance today. The thing is what if it isn’t so much a cautionary tale made for the pessimistic society but does that have to be the case? Does the future have to be so bleak and do we have to constantly be warring against the machines. Since when is optimism a dirty word? Why must we always be at war with the future? And if we are does it mean that we have no control over what is happening? Are we unwilling to be positive about the future?  Or are we creating a world that we have no control over and are afraid to imagine greater than we ever have before?




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