Signposts in the Electronic Twilight Zone

In Esther M. Sternberg’s book “Healing Spaces” there is a chapter about public spaces and I found it interesting that in open spaces, public squares and as such, we tend to navigate toward an object in the square, a bench or fountain in a square or park even if it is not the quickest route. It seems that we are drawn to objects in on open space. I wondered if the same was true of cyberspace until I remembered the uproar when Google changed its home page a few years ago. The story is detailed in the excellent, “The Google Story” by David Vise and Mark Malseed, but suffice it to say the changes were not well received and the white background was quickly returned. We seem to have an attachment to these electronic signposts that we gravitate toward like lampposts in the public square. Do we find ourselves needing these electronic safe places to navigate the  wilderness; to keep us from ending up in the twilight zone?



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