All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

I hate my wife’s computer. It might just be that I work on a PC and she has a Mac but the whole feel of the keyboard seems to be somehow alien and distant from Q, my PC laptop. The funny thing is that I have no reason to dislike her laptop.  I hardly ever use it and this left me thinking, I wonder I don’t like it because it doesn’t like me. Perhaps it’s the height of personification to put emotions on to our computers but is the opposite true? Are they completely benign? Can a computer be evil or good? We don’t give those qualities to other tools- guns are the mere vehicles of tragedy, alone they can do nothing. And while there is hardly an evil toaster or a virtuous backhoe but we do seem to worry about our computers- that they can slip outside of our control, begin to think for themselves and put humans on the road to extinction. Are we really worried about what they could do or just afraid of losing the illusion of control. Perhaps that is that just a more palatable idea then our being watched over by machines of loving grace- that an electronic Eden is more than we can imagine?

While writing this post I came across the documentary “All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace” by Adam Curtis which Part One of can be viewed here




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