Look at me!!!

Some time ago I was listening to America’s Test Kitchen radio program which had a story on the Brothers Grimm and their obsession with food. Of course, the stories were written in a time of famine so finding gingerbread houses or finding yourself eaten by wolves, indeed the subject of food would be of the utmost importance and fascination. In the discussion the phrase, “we crave what we lack” jumped out at me and stuck in my head. Looking at our media obsession in this light it seems that as a culture we must all feel invisible and anonymous-why else would we do outrageous things, video them and put them online only to hope people will notice us, watch us and tell others to look at us too or take photos of our food begging for others approval or adoration. Like children on the playground, we seem to need our every action, triumph, action or foible observed, noticed and commented upon. With this craving, the advent of social media must have seemed like manna from heaven. We seem to have created an all-seeing, Mother’s eye, constantly observing and hopefully responding, filling the empty space in our live we must so desperately need. Now if we can only get her attention….

Here is a link to the Americas Test Kitchen interview



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