I see Facebook- all the time

As a fan of Seth Godin, I was taken by the title of one of his books on my bookshelf. I was stopped by the title, “Tribes” about the tribal nature of our world and it got me thinking about social media. It seems that as much as we laud the new media as a way for us to find information, to educate and inform us for the betterment of ourselves and our society, how often do we see news that challenges us or stirs us to action. With algorithms that curate the content that we see, where is the challenge to our worldview? It seems that we use this wealth of information in a Faustian manner, using it only to reinforce our world view and reinforcing our tribal nature. We use our media not to be social but to make us more tribal, using information to divide us from other tribes and to find where we belong. We connect with like-minded people while the algorithms create a feedback loop showing us the world more and more insulated from dissent and difference what WSJ Woman of Note and thought leader Mardi-Ellen Hill refers to as “a self-sustaining loop of known noise”. Indeed, like the dead in “The Sixth Sense,” we only see what we want to see and join in lock step with our tribe secure in our ignorance.



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