Give me Broadband- or give me Death

When FDR spoke of the four basic freedoms in January of 1941, he made the speech on a new media radio. Nearly 75 years later I was surprised to see the scope of what we think of as a “basic unalienable right” is the right to internet access. It seems odd that while at one time wars were fought for religious freedom or for the right to free speech that now we should give access to electronic communication the same level of importance. The argument is that denying internet access keeps people from an education and denies economic and social opportunity by reducing options. At a point where we seem to find dispute in what constitutes an appropriate education or even finding a way to make it available to everyone, it seems curious that we should focus on sending out a message that no one would be able to read. That is not to say that broadband access is not important, is it something that we would be willing to die for as we did for similar basic human rights?

How badly do we want our MTV?

broadband, basic human right


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