The Need for Limits

Igor Stravinsky liked a challenge. In his pieces, Octet and L’Histoire du Soldat he takes instruments that should never go together and makes them work in unlikely and strangely beautiful ways. He seemed to need the diversity of sounds to force him to be creative and to push himself beyond what he had done before. The same is true of musician Chad Lawson who works with a piano and I pad to create new sounds from a familiar instrument. Anyone who has had children knows the importance of setting limits or boundaries in our lives. Not limits on what we think or how we perceive ourselves but we need challenges to bring our creativity to life. When everything is available, what is there to discover, what is there to explore for ourselves. What would you do if you had to find the definition of a word and there was no internet, or bake a cake with no recipe or mix? In finding all of this information at our fingertips, let us hope that we never lose our natural curiosity and desire to explore for ourselves for finding answers is one thing but learning how to find answers is another. Let us not become too willing to accept what we find and still be willing to challenge ourselves working within limits to set our creativity free.




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