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Lost in Transition

While it seems that we seem to closer and closer to making artificial intelligence that more and more human it seems that we only want to create this sort of perfect version of what we can be. We assume that the robots that we create won’t forget to turn the stove off or where we left our car keys. These shiny new versions of ourselves would be the perfect versions of what we can be. With that in mind, there was a bit of schadenfreude tossed about when we learned that Sophia, the humanoid robot, had arrived in Ethiopia for an appearance missing a few of her parts. It seems that a bag containing some of her parts were lost in the airport in Frankfort. While it does raise questions; we give a robot citizenship but does it fly in coach or in baggage. How are we going to manage these new ”humans” when we can cant figure out how to deal with differences that we have between people today. But most of all, what is lost when we make a robot to be like a human that has none of the flaws that make us human?


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