Penny for your thoughts….

For those of us who may remember Jack Benny the comedian on radio and later television, whose persona was that of a miser who, for the sake of comedy often found himself at the mercy of a robber who would say to Benny, “Your money or your life!” to which after a long silence, Benny would reply, “I’m thinking it over”….The idea of money having value is so simple to grasp that the idea of something not so tangible having value still gives me pause. This was never more apparent than when I saw that the buzz from Nike’s Kaepernick campaign was worth more than $163 million in media exposure. While the stock price of the company, its physical manifestation dropped, the It seems that just the idea of our looking at something has value and by extension, our consciousness, when focused on something must also then have value. It would seem then that the sheer fact of us allowing something into our consciousness, could become a monetized action. In the way that we now pay for content, perhaps at some time, we would be compensated to turn our attention on something as to raise its economic value. While we have often thought of the monetization of our data exhaust, perhaps the real money lies in what we see or allow ourselves to look at. Our gaze already affects companies bottom lines, why are we then not being compensated? Perhaps, we are being robbed without thinking about it. Maybe its something we need to think over.

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