No matter where you go, your there.

I am old. I say that not as a statement about my age but my perspective is that of someone who has seen time elapse and hopefully gleaned some wisdom or wonder from that. Nowhere is that more apparent than a recent trip through the 10 best rock albums of all time while completing a project at work. Earbuds firmly screwed into my ears, I started listening to old friends, and other albums that I was not familiar with in their entirety. While I did skip around a bit, I was most surprised to hear “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” and met with a familiar unfamiliarity. While we have discussed the Mandella Effect here before, this was a more immediate confrontation with my personal perceptions of the album. After the first few seconds of the album, I found myself checking the download wondering if this might have been a remix or a remastered version. Paul Mc Cartney’s voice never seemed to be such a light tenor and the whole sound of the album is different then I remember hearing from my brother’s stereo playing the new vinyl album. While not proposing this is a Pepper from an alternate universe, it does pose questions about our relationship to the past and our personal and collective history.

Again, there are those of us who may remember the excitement around the airing of “Wizard of Oz”, once a year on TV, popcorn was popped and it became an event that we looked forward to every year until we were too old or jaded to care. Yet, now, the thrill around seeing something is gone, we can watch it at any time, anywhere and watch for as briefly, or as long as we like. After my self imposed exile from Sgt. Pepper perhaps the only thing that changed was me. In this world with so much innovation and revolutionary changes, perhaps we need that unchanging still place in the movies or music of our youth. And while it may (or may not-remember the Mandella effect) change, it may be our need for a constant in this world of change that makes us examine everything, not realizing that the thing that has changed is us.


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