Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

There are those of us who might remember the Nixon administration, waking up every morning to see what the Washington Post had brought to our doorstep, be it the latest utterance of Deep Throat,  news of the plumbers, CREEP, or the details of Saturday Night Massacre . Those of us grew up in a time that distrusted the government and saw the press as a lionizing force for justice and good. Now more that 50 years later, it seems that the pendulum may have swung. 

In this age of multiple media outlets, we have to wonder who really has our best interests at heart. The heirloom media seems to be struggling for its former glory posing as our knight in shining armor saving us from heartless politicians, dastardly corporations and evil doers of all persuasions- the intrepid reporter saving the day be it Erin Brockovich or the reporters on Boston Globe uncovering pedophilia in the priesthood. Now it seems that media is more content to piss on our leg and tell us that its raining. We could hardly be concerned when the corona virus was rampant in China as we were being force fed the spectacle of an impeachment in Washington with relentless urgency. Then when it appeared Bernie Sanders could actually be the front runner in the Democratic primary, we were lead to  buffets of the evils of socialism and how everything we held dear would be consumed by this plan. Following hot on the heels of the redemption by Status Quo Joe, we were told how the corona virus would destroy our world and we had to sequester ourselves as our only hope of salvation. If it bleeds it leads, and an apocalypses must be a ratings bonanza. Now our media is falling over itself to walk the line between Armageddon and a happy ending trying to keep us glued to our screens for ratings. Even the New York Times has joined the cautious chorus of people suggesting that we may have over reacted to this threat. It seems odd that, as I write, in the state of Florida there are currently 6 fatalities from the corona virus and yet a discontented student could walk into a school and kill the same number of people only to be met with transient hand wringing and wailing. Thank heavens we have this slow moving exploitable situation for our media to keep us in a waking terror of other people. How else to keep us home glued to our screens watching what once was our lives.

corona virus,hoax, coronavirushoax


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