Our Greatest Weakness, Our Greatest Strength.

While on my morning walk, usually about 5.30 or so, I am privy to seeing many peoples televisions broadcasting the news through their living room windows. Lately, I have seen a parade of images of people wearing masks for the corona virus and this morning it reminded me of the images of the plague masks used during the Bubonic plague. These masks have a bird mask with a bird-like beak to protect them from being infected by deadly diseases such as the  which they believed was airborne. Not unlike our current situation, it was believed that these masks could protect the wearer from harm. Later, they became transformed into a part of the Venetian carnival masks, the celebration before Lenten frugality. This thought brings me hope that in this time of challenge, we might draw strength from challenges before us. That the masks we now wear for protection might become a sign of strength, like the pink triangle, the yellow star of David or the cross.


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