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“‘Cela est bien dit,’ répondit Candide, ‘mais il faut cultiver notre jardin’.”

In Voltaire’s, “Candide” the titular character is brought up to believe that this is the best of all possible worlds and that everything that happens in it is for the best, and after barely surviving all sorts of terrible situations and painful disillusionment finally settles down with the love of his life to live a quiet life and to “tend to the garden”. As we deal with this most recent plague and the plague mentality, there seem to be more and more articles written about the “new normal” let us think about what that would look like. This may have refocused our attention on the things that truly matter in “tending to our garden”. Perhaps we should give as much attention and dignity  to the grocery store workers, cleaners and minimum wage workers who keep us going rather than the social media influencer, talking heads and pundits whose aim seems to be stirring up either controversy or profit for someone else’s gain. Where the purpose of businesses are to produce a product, not only a profit. Maybe its time to measure people by the contents of their hearts rather than the contents of their wallets. Where 30% of American workers make less than $10.10 per hour creating an income below the federal poverty level.  Lets not return to a normal where the richest 0.1% take in 196 times as much as bottom 90%.  We now have an opportunity to return to a place we have never been before, to look beyond what we have been to what we can be. It’s time to tend to the garden, take care of each other no matter our color or belief, Time to make this best of all possible economic systems work for everyone and turn our world into an isle of dreams.

income disparity, illuminati, the 1%

‘Tis well, replied Candide, but we must tend to the garden.


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