Are they Gods, or are they announcers?

It has been interesting for me to follow the controversy with Brian Williams misrepresenting experiences and how with an egregious sin that he could no longer be trusted as a newscaster and that he has transformed himself into an inverse Cassandra who cannot be believed. I find this curious as I generally listen to the BBC, who generally starts each broadcast with an introduction of the lead story and then the phrase (or something like it) Here is the day’s news as read by…. and then the newsperson name. From the outset, there is no illusion that the person reading or presenting the news is doing anything other than just that, presenting news. There is no assumption that they are in any way involved in, are responsible for it or have a place in the days other events other than presenting it to us- a talking head delivering news. To my mind, the British have it right, which makes me wonder what is that we are looking for in our news anchors? Are they oracles or announcers; have they become the messenger and the message a shimmering Godlike chimera who must be perceived as speaking truth at all costs.