On the dark side

Some years ago when we lived in Brooklyn, I delighted in the fact that our apartment was in between the revitalized and soon to be gentrified seventh avenue and the still un-gentrified Fifth avenue. I loved having the ability to go to Fifth avenue for a dollar store or to a bodega for dried candied ginger that I would never find on Seventh. This came to my mind when I saw more concern about the dark or deep web. These are websites that are either not accessible without specific browsers or search engines or not indexed by search engines. Many of these sites are used in drug sales, porn or for hackers and while I don’t condone the use of the web for illegal purposes I am fascinated to see how we wish to divide this part of our nature from the “light” or public web. We only want to think the best of our nature, to think we look only for the light and turn away from the dark. Have we not learned that we are two sides of one coin and that we need our darkness to see our light? Let our search be for truth which may take us through the darkness and through the light.