All we have to fear is, everything,

While reading the Harper’s Index, I was surprised to see that while in the last ten years violent crime rate has fallen in eight of those years while during those last ten years the majority of Americans think that violent crime is on the rise. So while we are safer in reality the perception is that we are less and less safe. As a media pundit I can only think that the reason for this is the fact what we are being bombarded with bad news or that possibly we, like Eeyore, seeing a world that is pessimistic and gloomy, even thought he reality may be quite different. Is this happening because of our new medias ability to push information and news into every moment of our life or is it that we are still stuck in the “if it bleeds it leads” mentality regardless of the reality and have we come to a place where that trend is endangering our perception of reality- possibly allowing us to create a world that matches our perception.
Lets hope that we can stop seeing reality on our screen and see the world around us for what is really there