It’s the end of the world! Where is Google when you need it?

I am sure that the readers of this blog are fans of “The Walking Dead”. For those who are not viewers suffice it to say that it’s about a virus that turns most of the world into flesh-eating zombies and the few not bitten by zombies have to find a way to survive. Strangely enough these apocalyptic scenarios seem to come around every generation with varying degrees of seriousness. The same situation could be said of Gilligan’s Island, “No phone, no lights no motor cars, Not a single luxury” (well minus the flesh-eating zombies but they did have to put up with the Harold Hecuba production of Hamlet). We seem to be strangely fascinated with the awful truth that our way of life has removed us from the skill of living. Sure we know how to go to the store to buy a loaf of bread but who knows how to bake a loaf of bread? And even if we did, what do we do if the electricity or gas is not working. How long would it take for people to have to re learn the skills of farming and hunting, building shelter and fire? As the internet makes information more accessible it also serves to take us farther and farther from the ugly truth that while we are working so hard to earn a living we have lost the skills to maintain our life. We can only hope that the day of the zombie apocalypse or Alan Hale singing “Neither a borrower nor a lender be. ” ever comes to pass. We certainly wont be able to ask Google for answers.

Don’t think that I could post this without a link to the video……