I’d like to teach the world to sing…..

One of my favorite terms of late is, “The Internet of Things”. If you’re not familiar with the term it alludes to the day when everything that can be connected will be connected from your laptop to the computer in your refrigerator or  to an entire factory. In short it takes the idea of natures interconnectedness, that all things in the world communicate with each other one step further so that the electronic world which we create would in fact be a sort of demi monde to the natural world. Imagine this new internet with its interconnectedness of all things descending on the old; humming along creating its electronic cricket chirping of 1 and 0’s along with that of the nature world. We have commented how the ongoing pulse of the internet’s alternating current is reminiscent to the alternating pulse of Gregorian chant. Could it be that now a second voice will be added to the music of the spheres, that if man can not create a world for himself we can create some great cosmic duets.