Dialect Fashion (should bend to love and bow to passion….) with appologies to Kalman and Ruby

As a kid I remember watching a public service commercial with a Sherriff from the Deep South, complete with a heavy southern drawl warning against the dangers of speeding, namely the fact that you couldn’t afford the ticket he would give you. I remember the tag line, “y’all be careful”- namely the thick southern accent or dialect that the character used. This came back to me when I heard about a Facebook analysis of “E-laughter” and how we write also has a dialect that one day may be track able and quantifiable. It is possible that our on line writing style will be one day evolve to be as distinct as a writer’s voice, imagine posting in a “Faulkeresque” or “Hemingwayesque” style or are we too busy writing to think about how we communicate.






The title of this post is a nod to “Hold me Thusly”to Kalman and Ruby. If anyone has a file of the song please share it with me. Thanks.