Down the I hole

Some current work is involving some data base correction and a fair amount of internet research. While I do enjoy research in and finding out information I have been shocked to see the internet holes (or I holes if you prefer) that people put themselves into. People and more so businesses seem to be neglecting  the creation of an online identity becoming internet ghosts.  While at first I was surprised to see that some contacts didn’t have profiles on LinkedIn- I was shocked to see that even more frequently the representative firms did not have profiles. In addition to this, it is not uncommon to find contacts with no e mail address or even websites for their firm or services. Have the voluntarily taken their business out of the public eye or are they blissfully unaware of the movement of information from print to digital. As we have discussed earlier, if you don’t exist on the web could it be said that you exist at all but it seems that while most of us would a terrifying business situation it seems there are people who still find the ignorance bliss, hiding in the attic while opportunity knocks at the door.