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What’s the use?

I recently had a conversation with Aaron Collins- the brilliant clothing designer behind White Chalk and while discussing the changes in New York City under the new mayor and he mentioned that the city has become all about money- that it was a business more than a city. It reminded me of earlier posts about homes as machines for living and got me thinking about the internet. If a house is a machine for living and a city is a business, what is the puropse of the internet? Other than the obvious vehicle for videos of cats playing the piano what is its true purpose, because not knowing that, we don’t know really how to use it and if we are making the most of it at all.

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“What’s the Use?” from Candide


Is this the information that launched a thousand ships and burnt the topless towers of Ilium?

A few years ago I was interested to hear about a court argument regarding funding of the public schools in New York City. It was finally determined that the job of a school was to give enough education by the end of high school that a student would be able to make informed decisions enough to engage in the voting process. I think of that now with the free flow of information available on the internet and I wonder what is the purpose of all this available information or is there one? Are we making all this data available for no reason at all or just because we can. It seemed that once educations purpose was for the betterment of ones self and by extension all human kind. Is our new media revolution for the same purpose or have we become Faustian in our scope and find ourselves using this new technology for mere parlor tricks?