Less and less is more

It seems that emoticons are here to stay. Indeed according to an article published in the journal Social Neuroscience they are quickly becoming a new language. I am not a big user of emoticons or emoji’s I am intrigued by the idea of using them as a form of language. It reminds me of an afternoon spent in one of my favorite book stores and coming across a book made up entirely of haiku’s strung together to form a narrative. While I guess this is common in Japan, it seems like an exercise in short form – creating a structure of a book that could be tweeted if desired. To take that one step further, Fred Berenson a research associate at NYU has decided to rewrite “Moby Dick” in emoticons. Fascinating as that may be I find myself stuck on the idea that we seem to be returning to a language of pictographs. While that seems less able to convey meaning then an alphabetic language it may be that we are less interested in conveying layers of meaning and are more interested in being concise. Maybe, in the future, Shakespeare will be surpassed by the tweet in a world where less will have to mean more.