The Electronic Anima

Science was never really my thing in school much less psychics and Lord knows I don’t claim to understand much about it but find the thought that particles act differently when they are being observed that when they are not being observed. More to the point that particles cannot change when being observed is the Zeno Effect a.k.a. Turing’s Paradox.  Now how one can observe and not observe an object or particle is a question that we won’t delve into here but I do wonder if this holds true to data and information. Does data act differently when we are looking for it or at it? Does data hop up and down like a puppy in the dog pound when Google’s all Seeing Eye turns on it or is it inert no matter what happens to it? Do our drives or our cloud servers react differently to different data?  If metaphysics is the nature and reality of the soul, what is the study of the nature of information? Perhaps we no longer are concerned with the nature or the information as long as we can get it instantly and at our fingertips