the pulse of the universe

One of the early forms of music is Gregorian Chant- its a sacred based form of unaccompanied singing. The basis of the music is the alternating of two beats or pulses and three pulses. This alternating pulse or beat is the basis of this music and one of the foundations of western music. This pulse of alternating two and three made me think about binary code and the alternating pulse of 0’s and 1’s. This has become the basis of computer code and the basis of all the innovations that computers have brought. Now if you think that computers are in their infancy where will this alternating pulse take us. And if that is the basis of so two world-changing ideas shouldn’t we give a bit more respect to the pulse – the simple rhythms around us? The pulse of alternating two and three, or one and zero or the pulse of the amazing machine that animates us, our heart..
Chant to Code