Who Moved my Facebook?

As the namesake of this blog might suggest I have a certain interest in media and more to the point the so-called social media or new media. It was with the certain irrational of a man my age that I saw that Instagram is now becoming popular than Facebook and will in the future take over as the dominant social media tool. It’s not so much that I have a fondness for Facebook (I don’t) or that I do have a fondness for Instagram (I don’t) but rather that I am not looking forward to getting to know a new media outlet. With the thoughts of Moore’s law (that new technology, like a mythological snake, keeps devouring or reinventing itself every two years or so) in my head I think to myself, enough is enough. Can’t I just settle into a technology and work with it for some time. Has a younger generation become addicted to change just as an older generation may have done much to justify addictions to smoking or segregation. Has this acceptance become overpowering for those of us who just aren’t ready for the Moore tidal wave of change. Will change become its own virtue with nothing being as good as what will come next or will we simply run out of options the impossible exhaustion of the possible where time has ceased to keep everything from happening at once for everything has happened or we are drowned in a flood of every changing media.