Naked in the Global Village

In the list of anime, “Paprika” is one of my favorite. For those not in the know, the movie details the theft of an experimental device that allows the possessor to see into the dreams of someone wearing the monitors mate. Packed with stunning visuals the movie also brings up several interesting questions that while now are science fiction may soon become fact. As the movie evolves the people monitoring the dreams take on the ability to enter the dreams of the sleeper. As the movie progresses the dream state becomes the reality with our lives becoming the stuff that dreams are made of.
The movie came back to me while listening to “The Google Story” by David Vise the book detailing the early days of Google and hearing the Google godfather Sergey Brin say that he envisioned a day when Google would have a direct interface into someone’s mind- so that all the information in the world would be available to us at once. While of course the Faustian correlation occurred to me but I also wondered who would own that data. Who would own your past if you shared it with the world. And would we have to share what we know would our memories become a common currency that other people could browse. But what about the results of their access; would our memories become a Wikipedia page that someone else could enter, fact check and comment- could we find some way to keep our privacy private? Would our consciousness constitute our homes in the global village or would we all be naked and exposed even in the farthest reaches of our mind. Would your memories have the same value as other digital assets?