Alone again, electronically

I have a an old friend with whom I have a long and rather confessional-like  relationship, in short we are the one who knows where the bodies are buried for the other- the person who knows those dark truths and will never share them.  We have known each other for years and I was quite taken aback when he mentioned that he was on Grinder- a gay meet up app. Shocked- I said, “ I didn’t know you were gay” – to which he replied-“no-no-  I’m not- I just use it to chat with other guys. I spend so much time at work it’s almost impossible even chat with other guys my age and that’s what I use it for” It seems that the conversations can be seldom about sex and are often more about connecting with another person. The drive to electronic connection seems to have destroyed the emotional connection-making us less and less personally connected and more cyber-lonely. Polls rank the United States the loneliest places on earth (1). It seems we may be evolving into a world with many “likes” but no loves.




With a nod to Gilbert O’ Sullivan; you can hear “Alone Again” here


1 “America Is The Loneliest Country In The World – Is It Because We’ve Abandoned The Traditional Family Structure?” Infowars. Accessed June 01, 2016. http://www.infowars.com/america-is-the-loneliest-country-in-the-world-is-it-because-weve-abandoned-the-traditional-family-structure/.