I am a big fan of Ernie Kovacs – (please look him up on YouTube if you don’t know his work) an amazing pioneer in Television who really shook up the visual medium of early television and make people look at in a whole new light. I am thinking about Ernie and all the other pioneers who have played with the boundaries of any medium Picasso, Schoenberg, James Joyce, Rod Serling even the recordings of Ken Nordine or Nichols and May. I wonder what will we do with this new medium of social media that we have created.  What new horizons are we waiting to be explored and what creative outlet will we find with all this senseless technology or have we lost the ability to have fun ?  Where is the court jester of this electronic Camelot?
Click to see Ernie in action http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJZRXrfw2J8″

Ernie Kovacks